Mens Summer Shoes

Quit Loafing Around

Summer is a time to show your ankles and wear the shoes that you can’t wear in the awful weather of the other seasons. Loafers can be dressy or casual and come in a range of colours and a perfect for a classy summer look. From the biggest designers to small brands loafers come in all different shapes and 3.jpg They are perhaps one of the most stylish shoe of our time. Loafers are the ultimate in refined, classic footwear for a range of reasons. They are adaptable, able to be dressed up or down and flattering in an assortment of materials. They are here to stay. You shouldn’t feel guilty about investing in this shoe style, given they are minimalistic, and are easily adaptable for different looks and seasons.

Socks or No socks?

It is always a bit debate and more complex of a decision then you might expect. Loafers without socks are undoubtedly clean, relaxed and minimalist. However, should you choose to forgo socks, your clothing needs to be fitted perfectly. Most importantly, you should ideally opt for a shorter length trousers, as it will complement the loafer style more. While ‘no socks’ works well, socks and loafers can also be a hit, but be careful with how you style this combination. Make sure you select a sock pattern that has colours which correspond to your clothing choices; this will ensure your look registers as refined as opposed to looking messy.



Women’s Fashion Trends

Back in Time : Back in Style

The ’80s called, they want their shoulder pads back. The boxy shapes seen on the  catwalk. Big shoulder pads and oversized clothing is  back in stylblog 2e. In fact most of the 80s-90s trends are coming back, with a twist and they’re bigger than ever. Big shoulders, sheer, pink, puffy sleeves, ruffles, stripes and big words on clothing are all making a come back with the top designers globally. Although some designs are a little over the top they all show perspective ideas and the trends to come.

So now is a good time to dig up your old clothing, or raid your parents closet, because its all back in style. For women in particular you can expect to see more of a twist on theses trends so although your old clothing might be back in style, the way you wear it might have changed. Be sure to hop on this trend for 2017!



Mens Fashion Trends

Subtle Statement

Colours ranging from white to beige were the most popular colour shown by designers for the season. Cream colours have been and continue to be a popular trend in the fashion world, from streetwear to high end fashion that subtle colours blog 1 inhave become a statement.  It is a quintessential look for this summer.  One of Paris Fashion Week’s most anticipated shows was Louis Vuitton’s and it further cemented the fact that next summer it’s all about the neutral tones and sandy shades. Even if you are not the most in trend and fashion forward person it is worth it to invest in what is looking likely to be the colour of the season. Multiple sources, brands and fashion experts have backed the phenomenon. Mens high fashion is taking a turn towards a more subtle wearable line of clothing. Be sure to get on this trend for 2017.

Overall 2017

Streetwear and high-fashion are meeting and becoming one, with collaborations between luxury brands and popular streetwear brands, 2017 is set to be one of the most hip fashion years. A new generation is running fashion, and the least expected things are what have been growing in popularity. It has become less about what the biggest designers are making and more about who is wearing it.